Healing Calendula


I have a dog that has skin allergies. These allergies are aggravated in the summer and result in itchy spots that become sore once scratched. Thankfully, the magic of Calendula is available to help soothe my poor puppy during times of discomfort. An organic salve made with Calendula relieves the itch and inflammation caused by summer allergies.  


Calendula has been used throughout history around the world for both medicinal and symbolic uses. In India, Calendula is often used in wreaths and laid at the feet of Gods and Goddesses. Christians brought Calendula to statues of The Virgin Mary which is how it got the name Marigold (Mary's Gold). Victorians believed that Calendula represented sympathy and the flowers were used in arrangements to express 'I am thinking of you'. The flowers were also often used in arrangements for funerals and were associated with the month of October. 


Calendula can be used as an herbal anti-inflammatory remedy. The petals of Calendula are also edible can be used in many recipes to add some sunshine to your meals. An easy google search brings up inspiration galore for how to play with Calenndula on your plate or in your glass. 


Calendula is currently growing in a tiny garden I have. The petals open and greet the sun as it rises and quietly close to sleep as the sun sets. Their beauty is enough to inspire and on top of all that they offer many healing gifts. Truly a flower worth planting in your garden, or secretly planting in abandoned spaces. Pollinators will be thank you too.

*Images in this post are public domain