Dead Bee Digest


New Zine Alert!

Invited Ghosts is happy to share our new title 'Dead Bee Digest'. Dead Bee Digest is a multi-authored zine that shares poetry, non-fiction articles, and meditations on the environment and capitalism. The zine is half sized and is $2. You can send an email to if you are interested in purchasing or trading for a copy. 

Marigold Garden


Spring is slowing bringing the earth back to life around me. Unfortunately, this means my allergies are rearing their ugly heads. Most mornings I awake with goopy eyes and stuffed up sinuses. In an attempt to stifle the grumpiness that I often feel in the morning, I think about the beautiful flowers that will soon bloom sharing their effulgence. Vintage picture books also help soothe my grumpiness with their delightful garden illustrations.

'Marigold Garden; Pictures and Rhymes' by Kate Greenaway was published in 1910 and features golden hued illustrations of ladies and children frolicking in a garden. All images are public domain and you can read the book in its entirety on the wonderful internet archive.  Below is a collection of some of my favorite illustrations from the book.